Efficient Cutting on the Thin Cutting Frame Saw ORBIT

Perhaps each timber technologist is often faced with the question of efficient and economical processing of wood. Every manufacturing process has its hidden reserves, therefore maintain product quality and reduce costs is no easy task. Strict requirements on product quality, like: wooden flooring, windows, doors, stairs, furniture or musical instruments and sports equipment; forces us to think about how to make the most of this unique natural material such as wood.

NEVA ORBIT vs Convential frame saw

NEVA - Thin Cutting Frame Saw

Engineers from Czech company NEVA, which is at the same time a processor of wood, but also a manufacturer of high-quality woodworking machines; dealing with this issue since 1793. Valuable insights and experiences from own timber production are then applied to series production of machines. Those can currently find more than 1000 pieces worldwide, in more than 30 countries.

What do we offer to our customers? Open approach and sharing of experiences in branch of thin cutting wood in tolerance +/- 0.1 mm with saw kerf around 1 mm. We will recommend you the appropriate type of equipment for a given technology. The machines can also be viewed at our factory or we gladly invite you to our customers. We can also organize the processing of your supplied samples of wood.

We offer Thin Cutting Frame Saw: ORBIT, ECO-POWER, MAMUTH and Thin Cutting Band Saw: RE-MAX 500 CNC. An integral part of the cutting technology is sharpening and tool making. CNC saw blade grinders for sharpening of saw blades and bands; the CNBS80, CNBS80 ECO and SBG100 CNC are the best solution.

NEVA company has its own manufacturing and assembling of machinery and equipment in Czech Republic - to ensure maximum service life and reliability of our machines, we use high-quality input materials - basic construction made of cast iron and cast steel for maximum toughness and durability, high precision linear guides leading German and Japanese manufacturers, electrical components Siemens, Omron and Telemecanique and pneumatic components from Festo. Thanks to quality inputs and high-precision machining on CNC machines are NEVA machines always one cut in ahead.

Take the advantage of efficient Orbital cutting and be one cut ahead as well!

The Orbit Thin Cutting Frame Saw was developed for cutting solid wood blocks into glueable slats with a minimum of saw kerf waste. The Orbit utilizes a unique up/down method of movement for cutting veneer slats. Unlike conventional frame saws that move up and down in a lineal motion, the Orbit Thin Cutting Frame Saw uses a patented swing-out motion at the bottom of the saw stroke.

This unique movement has several distinct advantages over the frame movements on older, conventional frame saws. With a conventional frame saw, a great deal of heat is generated by sawdust that is captured/packed into and around the saw blade teeth. This occurs because the sawdust and wood chips are unable to clear out from the blade during the upstroke. This fact is especially true when cutting high, as some of the teeth in the center of the saw blades never clear out of the cut. Because the Orbit saw frame moves out of the cut during the upstroke, wood chips and sawdust fall clear from the saw blades. The result is less heat build up on the saw blade, longer saw blade life, dust free slats, the ability to use a thinner kerf saw blade and first of all increased production capacity of machine.

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