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NEVA Thin Cuttin Frame Saw

The Thin Cutting Frame Saw is developed for economical cutting of thin slats (lamellas) from all kind of wood. Basic Feature is a very small kerf, thickness accuracy of slats 0,1 mm and high quality gluable surface. When compared to Circular Saws, the obtained wood substance saving expressed in percents amounts to 20 - 100 %. When compared to band saws, the Thin Cutting Frame Saw technology is substantially more precise because short saw blades are used for work which are stretched to be considerably firmer than those of band saw. Wood substance savings resulting from this fact range within percent values of 10 - 30 % depending on thickness of the slat to be cut. Depending on thickness of the slat to be cut, the Thin Cutting Frame Saws output can be higher by about 10 - 15 % than the band saw output.


The Sample of Thin Cutting Frame Saw Technical Design:

NEVA Thin Cutting Frame Saw Schematics
Legend: 1. Hopper Magazine; 2. Infeed Rollers; 3. Material; 4. Chip Breaker; 5. Saw Frame; 6. Saw Blades Cooling; 7. Outfeed Rollers; 8. Bottom Planing Module; 9. Top Planing Module; 10. Infeed Unit before Planing Module; 11. Top Infeed Planing Module

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