Rubber Coated Rollers Repair

Pogumovaný váleček

The proper maintenace of the machine and condition of feed rollers is the one of presumptions to have your machine in good condition. Therefore we would like to offer our customers the service of rubber coated rollers on NEVA machines. If the steel base of feed roller is still in good condition then the repair can save 50% of costs. You don't have to necessarily buy new rubber coated rollers, just simply send the old rollers back to us for repair.

How does it work?

Simply let us know and send us the rollers, which you wish to repair. We remove the damaged rubber coating, recheck the steel body and examine the holes and the endings for bearings. If the surfaces for bearings are in order or repairable, then we proceed with the rubber coating and then send the rollers back to you. Price of repaired roller is 50% compared with the price of new one.

For the further information, please, contact our sales department...