Quick Tour - Thin Cutting Band Saw - Technical Features

12. What should we know about the machine in regards the reliability and working life?

If you are considering buying a new machine, then you are interested too, what are the crucial details to focus, before you make any decision. Therefore in this part of the tour, we examine the important structural features of Thin Cutting Band Saw:

Features of NEVA machines
Cast Iron Main Stand
Main Stand of Remax bandsaw
+ solid and compact design
+ absorbs vibrations

Hydraulic Tension
Hydraulic Tension on Remax bandsaw
+ stable a reliable tension force during machine operation balanced by Hydraulic Accumulator
+ tension force in the center of Main Wheels - also see the picture below
+ easy to maintain

22 kW Main Motor

Main Wheels Bearing
Bearing of Main Wheels on Remax bandsaw
+ bearings on both sides of Main Wheel Shafts
+ stable and centrically focused tension force
+ stable machine design doesn't allow machine deformations during tensioning process

Saw Monitoring while operation
Blade Monitoring on Remax bandsaw
+ actual information of saw blade deviation
+ useful information to determine saw blade life
+ safety protection against damage

Production Line Integration
Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC - 3 Heads with Central Control
+ machines ready to build a production line
+ readiness for external feed speed synchronization with other machines
+ possibility of central control panel installation for entire production line

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