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3. What is the principle of the Thin Cutting Frame Saw and its technical solution?

NEVA - Thin Cutting Frame Saw Schematics
Legend: 1. Hopper Feeder; 2. Infeed Rollers; 3. Material; 4. Chip Breaker; 5. Saw Frame; 6. Saw Blades Cooling; 7. Outfeed Rollers; 8. Bottom Planing Module; 9. Top Planing Module; 10. Infeed Unit before Planing Module; 11. Top Infeed Planing Module

4. What is the maximum input size of material and how to use it?

Max. width x max. cutting height <=> 150(220) x 250/350 mm. It can be used for installation of one of three basic way of material Guiding Systems:

Channel Guide of material Side Guide of material Material guiding along the Center Guide
Channel Guide Side Guide Center Guide

Individual solutions, i.e. way of material guiding into the machine, accessories on demand is possible to consult with our sales department.

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