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5. What Tools can be used?

Any type of Saw Blade can be used (any saw kerf, etc.) If the Saw Blade design allows it then the Saw Blade can be used in any make or model of Thin Cutting Frame Saw. Generally customers use Stellited or Carbide (HM) saw blades. For most of applications the Stellite blades work fine.

6. What determines the Saw Kerf?

7. What Saw Kerf can be used?

Generally any Saw Kerf can be used - size of Kerf is only limited by Tool construction and the way of use. Size of Saw Kerf certainly doesn't depend on the Machine.

8. What Saw Blade length to choose?

The length of Saw Blade is determined by cutting height (= width of lamella). Each length of Saw Blade corresponds with particular size of Saw Frame. The general rules for length of Saw Blade are followings:

Dimensions of Saw Blades


Example of NEVA Stelite Saw Blades Specification
Saw kerf D
cut. height
380 40 0,6 1,05 13 80 mm
... ... ... ... ... ...
555 40 0,9 1,4 15 250 mm

9. How to sharpen Tools?

Proper preparation and care of the Tools is 99% of success at Thin Cutting Frame Saws. For quality sharpening of tooth shape and achieving a consistent blade, we recommend CNC sharpening machines of our production. Options how to sharpen are followings:

10. How to change the thickness of Lamella?

Thickness of Lamella is determined by the thickness of Spacers between Saw Blades. For example we use Saw Blade with body thickness 0.9 mm and Saw Kerf 1.4 mm. We want to produce Lamellas 4.5 mm thick -> we need Spacers 5.0 mm thick (4.5 + 1.4 - 0.9). Of course, we have to count with cutting tolerances too, i.e. final thickness of Lamella 4.5 mm will be practically in following tolerances:

Saw Frame with Saw Blades Saw Blades and Spacers

11. Can frame saw cut fresh/green wood?

Thin Cutting Frame Saw is by default equipped for cutting dry material. However yes, it is possible to cut green wood. Certain materials, for example green oak, require installing additional equipment - cooling and cleaning of saw blades. It is also necessary to choose appropriate tools for such applications.

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