Quick Tour - Thin Cutting Frame Saw - Technical Features

12. What should we know about the machine in regards the reliability and working life?

If you are considering buying a new machine, then you are interested too, what are the crucial details to focus, before you make any decision. Therefore in this part of the tour, we examine the important structural features of Thin Cutting Frame Saw:

Other vendors Features of NEVA machines
Guides of the Main Carriage Frame
Slide Guides Linear Guides
Slide Guides Linear Guides
-  play in slide guide, noisy run + high precision no play guide, smooth run
-  maintenance necessary + no maintenance needed
-  lubrication failure = high risk of jam + lubrication failure = min. risk of jam
-  higher purchase costs + lower purchase costs
+ long life -  shorter life

Machine Opening
Machine Closed Design Machine Opening Design
Machine Closed Design Machine Opening Design
- slow exchange of saw frame + quick exchange of saw frame
- access and machine maintenance + easy access and machine maintenance
- safety operation + safety operation
  + on all NEVA machines

Locking System
Pneumatic Locking System old design Pneumatic Locking System of new design
Pneumatic Locking System old design Pneumatic Locking System of new design
- no conical lock of machine frame + conical lock of machine frame, reliability
- no centering + centering and locking by bearing balls
  + more than 10 years on NEVA machines

Feeding Unit
Servo-motor Feeding with Gearbox Patented precise Mechanical Start/Stop Feeding
Electronic drive by Servo-motor with Gearbox Patented Mechanical Start/Stop Feeding
- electronic synchronization + mechanical synchronization with main crank
- 2 additional drives (2x + kW) + no additional drives (0 kW)
- expensive spare parts: gearboxes, + easy maintenance, low costs of spare parts
    servo-motors, PLC, sensors + high-tech solution, easy and unequalled

Overhang vs. System ORBIT
Overhang and Up/Down System Patented ORBIT System
Overhang ORBIT System
+ particularly removes upstroke friction + removes the friction during upstroke
+ particularly affects life of saw blades + longer life of saw blades up to 50%
-  blades not perpendicular to material + blades are perpendicular to the material
- overhang changes geometry of cutting + cutting geometry is not changed
- overhang increases machine vibrations + doesn't affect machine vibrations

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