Thin Cutting Frame Saws - FAQ

Frame Saws

A great number of new customers ask what speed of cutting can be achieved, if the machine rpm can be increased, how many saw blades can be stretched in the frame. It isn't easy to give an answer because a corresponding engineering calculation must be provided for each individual case. Each machine is equipped with electric motor designed proportionally to the machine construction as a whole. The main limiting element is a saw blade and thickness of the slat to be cut. A thin saw blade is capable of transmitting certain loading. If this loading exceeds the blade transmitting capability, the blade diverts off its straight direction. This loading limit is also dependent upon the saw blade edge quality. Too thin a slat is prone to distort or crack under excessively big feed.

Wood Processing?

A perfect machine isn't sufficient for the final result to be attained as it was expected. Wood is the noblest matter occurring on this planet. Owing to its structure and properties it can be used for many purposes where other matters do not stand up. It must be handled with care and, when it's processed, such procedures must be selected which don't lead to its depreciation. Given its anisotropy, it's important to decide under what procedure it will be processed, what tools will be applied, and it's essential to know how the specific type of wood will behave under this process. First quality machine, high quality and expertly prepared tools, correctly prepared wood, and of course, qualified operator - all of these are the conditions for attaining the result required. All of these conditions must be completely met, none is allowed to be obviated or omitted.

How can the Wood be saved?

At the first sight, it can seem that gang saws in general are slow in comparison to other machines. Is it really so? When compared to circular saws, the commonly utilizable feed range is within 0.5 – 1.5 m/min. Depending on the machine type and cutting height, up to 40 saw blades can be stretched in the saw frame. That means as many as 40 lamellas can be produced simultaneously. When converted into shift performance it amounts to 350 – 1200 m2/400 min. According to the figure, compare the difference apparent with naked eye in a kerf of the circular saws and gang saws.

Try to estimate how thick a saw disc must be to make a reliable and accurate cut through 200 mm thick piece of wood.

When using gang saws, the wood substance savings are univocally demonstrable. Depending upon a cut height and lamella thickness, the wood substance saving, when compared to other production procedures, is higher by 15 – 50%.

Optimum Conditions?

Optimum conditions are conditions under which a corresponding lamella surface quality is maintained, cutting accuracy meets the requirements for further processing, and cutting edge life ranges within usual limits. When generally converted for lamella thickness of 4 mm, the ECO-POWER machine performance is approximately 500 m2/400 min, and the MAMUTH machine performance is about 1000 m2/400 min. On these data, an optimum feed rate and corresponding number of saw blades in a saw frame can be determined.

Dry or Fresh?

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