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Band Saw Blades Grinder MFLS Forezienne F120 CNC

With the introduction of our CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder, we can now offer our customers a significantly improved alternative to the original mechanical Grinder for the sharpening of their band saw blades. Until now, the only option for grinding band saw blades was with a mechanical system. Although this system has worked, it was subject to many variables and this could significantly affect the consistency of the sharpened blade.

With the new CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder, the grinding cycle is controlled via CNC servo motors; with the result that the saw tooth dynamics remain consistent. The Band Saw Blades Grinder incorporates a coolant reservoir and spray system which helps to keep the band saw blades cool during grinding.


Other advantages include:

  • Electronic Hand Wheel for even faster and easier adjusting and starting sharpening cycle.
  • Increased productivity of sharpening due to new patented feeding system.
  • More saw blade re-grinds are achieved on the CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder because of its accuracy and consistency.
  • A better finish on the wood is achieved because each tooth is ground more accurately.
  • The re-grinds will be consistent from one machine operator to another.
  • Improved tolerance of the wood parts being cut.
  • Easy setup and operation.
CNC Band Saw Blades Grinder F120:
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