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History of NEVA company

One of the oldest trades - so far as it known - is company NEVA, which was founded in 1793, by Mr. Vaclav Nekut - it was wheel-wright trade and steam saw mill.

Company was developed of that small trade (perhaps 10 staff) in a factory with 45 employers in 1940. In that time due of the last holder of Nekuts - Mr. Vaclav Nekut - the company had a greatest expansion. Company NEVA produced sport equipment, sledge, skis, hockey-sticks and further needs for agriculture, trailer for horses and for tractors, wheel-barrows, hand trucks, bent spokes and covers for foods and for machines, which was exported. Steam saw mill produced assortment of sawn woods for production and building purposes. The factory had one's own power station for own need of electricity.

After nationalization in 1952, the company was operated by the "Jihočeské dřevařské závody" (South Bohemian Concern), which only engaged in the production of lumber and packaging for food purposes.

In 1965 company NEVA get to company KOH-I-NOOR, which began with production of half-finished product of pencil slats and sawn woods. In this context, has also begun a development of machines for cutting of lamellas and half-finished pencil products.

In 1991 returned company NEVA to its private owner. Sawmill production was maintained for both, the commercial sale of timber and for its own needs, particularly for half-finished pencil products. Last but not least to maintain, was the machinery production and the development of machines for processing of wood, especially thin cutting technologies.

After year 2000, expanding of the production led to the construction of new buildings and purchase of the new production technologies. In particular, the hall for assembly of machines and production hall for CNC metal machining and manufacturing line for production of thin cutting stellite saw blades. In this time the staff of employed were 190.

The products - mainly machines - are exported to all countries of the world. You can find NEVA products all over the world, especially: Thin Cutting Frame Saw, Thin Cutting Band Saw, Saw Blade Grinder, Band Saw Blade Grinder, Stellite Saw Blades, Carbide Saw Blades, etc.

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