Lamellas, Slats


Lamellas, Slats

Pencil Slats, Pallet Cut Sizes


Pencil Slats

of standard and atypical dimensions made of home-grown wood species - Weymouth pine and lime. We supply the slats both in natural and prepared state, dried up to 6-8% humidity. The slats are produced under dry method. Prepared slats contain 2.5 % of paraffin. Presence of the paraffin is crucial for their processing on pencil-making machines, and especially then for sharpening of the pencils already produced. Color hue is cedar brown. The slats are suitable for production of all types of pencils, crayons, and cosmetic pencils.

Pallet Cut Sizes

We make the pallet cut sizes from the sorted saw production assortment. The quality and dimensional requirements must be negotiated individually. The processing equipment which is available to us is also capable of meeting requirements of the most demanding customers. We are capable of providing the deliveries as far as their destination places, and, for foreign deliveries, we utilize the services of well-established forwarding companies.

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