Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC

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Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC

Finally, a heavy-duty horizontal Thin Cutting Band Saw for all your re-sawing applications, including flooring, windows doors, furniture and musical instruments.

Unlike other re-saws, the Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC is built from solid cast iron, and incorporates a durable and effective guiding system and thin-kerf saw blades under high tension. The machine produces a smooth, gluable surface with superior tolerances.

The Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500’s modular construction gives your company room to grow. A single, stand-alone unit can be purchased initially; additional units can then be added in line as production requirements demand. Click here to read the Remax article.


There are two options in machine equipment - divided conveyor and steel table in the cutting spot or the running trough conveyor. In both cases, the machine is equipped by Top Driven Infeed Pressure Unit.

Put these advantages to work in your operation:

  • Conveyor Transport Band with Driven Infeed Pressure Unit - for more details see accessories
  • Saw Monitoring during machine operation
  • Heavy-duty, cast-iron construction-built for longevity and superior tolerances
  • CNC touch-screen control panel for easy height adjustment
  • Adjustable cutting speed and feed speed as well
  • Thin-kerf, high-tension blades to minimize your waste
  • Produces smooth, gluable surface
  • Handles material up to 500 mm (19”) wide, 150 mm (6”) thick
  • Variable feed up to 60 m/min. (10 fpm to 200 fpm)
Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX - Latest machine design:
Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX - Older machine design:
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