Job-order manufacturing

Job-order manufacturing, metalworking, repairs

For the Engineering Industry sector we offer to utilize our production capacity of CNC machining of metals, cast-iron and alloys on customer demand in a serial production or in a single-piece work. There are available 5 CNC Vertical Milling Centers, 2 Gantry CNC Vertical Milling Centers and NC Carousel for rotary pieces.

In case of interest please contact manufacturing department.

Gantry CNC Vertical Milling Center with working table 3200x1200 Z=1000 mm.

Next one in smaller providing with working table 2000x1200 Z=600 mm.

Other CNC machines with following working tables:

- 1300x600 Z=660 mm + 4. rotary axis

- 1300x600 Z=710 mm - 3 machines

- 1500x670 Z=720 mm - 1 machine


NC Carousel with the circular diameter of 1000 mm, x-368, z-762


CNC Vertical Milling Center 1500x670 Z=720 mm


4-axis CNC Vertical Milling Center 1300x600 Z=660 mm


Examples of the own production


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