Thin Cutting Frame Saw - Quick Tour

Thin Cutting Frame Saws

Within a quick tour we would like to briefly introduce our Thin Cutting Frame Saw and answer the FAQ when it comes to the Thin Cutting Solutions.

1. What is the range of application use of the Thin Cutting Frame Saw?

Parquet production; Door-, Window-, Stair production; Furniture production; Laminated and Multi-layer boards; Pencils and Crayons production; Sport equipment such a Ski, Snowboards, Hokey Sticks; Wooden-covers for fruit and vegetables and many other products from further branches of wood-industry.

2. What is the maximum input size of material and how to work with it?

Max. width x max. cutting height <=> 150(220) x 250/350 mm. It can be used for installation of one of three basic ways of material Guiding Systems:

Channel Guide

Side Guide

Center Guide

3. What Tools can be used?

Any type of Saw Blade can be used (any saw kerf, etc.) If the Saw Blade design allows it then the Saw Blade can be used in any make or model of Thin Cutting Frame Saw. For most of applications, the customers use the Stellite Saw Blades. For certain applications, where Stellite fails, the Carbide (HM) saw blades do the job. 

4. What Saw Kerf can be used in practice?

  • the Saw Kerf 1.15 - 1.4 mm can be found mostly in practice for cutting hard wood
  • the Saw Kerf 1.8 mm is used for cutting of fresh oak 

5. How to sharpen Tools?

Proper preparation and care of the Tools is 99% of success at Thin Cutting Frame Saws. For quality sharpening of tooth shape and achieving a consistent blade, we recommend CNC sharpening machines of our production. Other options how to sharpen are followings: using other CNC or mechanical grinders; using sharpening services from company NEVA or from your local supplier.

6. How to change the thickness of Lamella?

Thickness of Lamella is determined by the thickness of Spacers between the Saw Blades. For example, we use Saw Blade with body thickness 0.9 mm and the Saw Kerf 1.4 mm. We want to produce Lamellas 4.5 mm thick -> We need Spacers 5.0 mm thick (4.5 mm + 1.4 mm - 0.9 mm = 5.0 mm). 

7. Can the Frame Saw cut fresh/green wood?

Thin Cutting Frame Saw is by default equipped for cutting dry material. However yes, it is possible to cut green wood. Certain materials, for example green oak, require installing additional equipment - cooling and cleaning of Saw Blades. It is also necessary to choose appropriate tools for such applications.

8. What is the advantage of ORBIT cutting system?

Overhang and Up/Down System Patented ORBIT System by NEVA

+ particularly removes upstroke friction
+ particularly affects life of saw blades
-  blades not perpendicular to material
- overhang changes geometry of cutting
- overhang increases machine vibrations
+ removes the friction during upstroke
+ longer life of saw blades up to 50%
+ blades are perpendicular to the material
+ cutting geometry is not changed
+ doesn't affect machine vibrations

9. How is it with Warranty Period?

Warranty is 12 months from the date of putting the machine into operation and further 12 months on all linear guides and ball-screws and ball-screw nuts used in machine.

10. Where can I see the references?

There are 8 pcs Thin Cutting Frame Saws working 2 shifts a day in our woodworking department - we will be pleased to welcome you here and show you the entire facility. For references from your country, please contact our sales department.

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