Thin Cutting Frame Saws - How do we do it?

Frame Saws

Our own experience is best source of information necessary for further develop of optimal machine production. Employees of our company are gaining these experiences for decades in manufacturing semi-products for pencil production. From experience for experience - that’s why our machines have decisive technical lead.

Thin Cutting Frame Saw - own experience

For years, 24 hour per day our machines have proven themselves in productions around the world and have constantly been adapted and improved. Therefore we are using for developing and design of our machines the state of the art of methods and techniques. Previous time-consuming procedures of calculating the machine parts had been completely substituted with computer simulations which verify each detail of a new design even before this detail gets to a machine tool. The FEM and CAD systems indicate even such errors which could show up with the customer only after several years. We place foremost the precision and honest manufacturing procedures which unfortunately drop out of fashion in many places and cases today, mainly from the reasons of economy. And this is the reason why our machines have always been a state of the art products and ones who are always at least one step ahead.

Thin Cutting Frame Saw - FEM and CAD

The NEVA production facility in Kardašova Řečice - the skill of our staff and the use of a latest production methods guarantee the extremely high durability that our products are known for.

   Thin Cutting Frame Saw - The NEVA production facility      Thin Cutting Frame Saw - The NEVA production facility   

Thin Cutting Frame Saw - The NEVA production facility

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