Frame- and circular saw blade grinder in one


For 35 years, the NEVA company has been a traditional Czech manufacturer of woodworking machines and high-quality and precise sharpeners, which it exports to the whole world.

In the field of sharpening, we produce sharpeners for frame saw blades, band saw blades and circular saw blades. We can sharpen large band saw blades up to a width of 300 mm. Sharpeners can be both right-handed and left-handed for ease of handling band saw blades, and are suitable for both end customers and tool manufacturers.

The NBS 801 automatic sharpener for frame saw and circular saw blades in one was created by combining our two single-purpose machines into one, so that we can provide customers with maximum flexibility of the machine, quick adjustment, easy operation and, last but not least, a reduction in acquisition costs, i.e. 1 machine vs. 2 machines.

The sharpener enables sharpening of saw blades for frame saws up to a width of 150 mm and a length of up to 1800 mm. We can sharpen both classic set or swaged cutting blades made of high-speed steel, as well as blades with stellite teeth. The sharpener can handle one or more cycles per tooth, so the entire sheet can be sharpened in one pass of the machine.

In the case of circular saws, the entire range of saw blades up to a diameter of 800 mm can be sharpened, from so-called sheet metal to blades with HM tips. The entire tooth shape can be sharpened using a ceramic wheel with a dresser, and in the case of HM tips, we sharpen the faces, backs and trapezoidal teeth with a diamond wheel without further mechanical adjustment of the machine.

NBS 801 automatic sharpener for frame saw and circular saw blades in one

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