RE-MAX 500 CNC - Jubilee Anniversary in 2010

Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC

Since the late 1990s, the companies NEVA and OGDEN (USA) have worked cooperatively, sharing their knowledge and resources in the field of thin-cutting technology. Through the strength of our ongoing relationship, our two companies have successfully taken this technology to the next level with our thin-cutting re-saw, the RE-MAX 500 CNC.

This year, it will be 5 years since the first prototype of the RE-MAX was introduced. In the 5 years since the band saw came into production, customers have been using our heavy-duty designed horizontal re-saw in a variety of applications including the flooring, windows, doors, furniture, and musical instrument industries.

Unlike other re-saws, the RE-MAX 500 thin-cutting re-saw is built from solid cast iron, and incorporates a durable and effective guiding system. The machine produces a smooth, gluable surface with superior tolerances using thin-kerf saw blades under high tension.

Currently there are over 50 machines in the field worldwide some running as many as 3 shifts continuously.


Because of the machine’s cast iron construction, there is absolutely no deformation of the machine when the saw blade is under high tension. As well, the re-saw wheels have bearing housings on both sides which ensures rigidity and zero deflection of the band saw wheels when under tension. Virtually all other re-saws are manufactured out of sheet metal, which is lightweight and prone to deflection.

Tensioning of the saw blade is achieved through hydraulic pressure, which can be adjusted infinitely according to the type of blade being used, the type of material, etc. Even at the highest cutting speeds (50 m/s) the machine runs smoothly, maintaining constant tension of band saw blade. The maximum tension force is 50 000 N.

Stora Enso - Finland - Since 2008, this world renowned producer of wood components and flooring has been using the RE-MAX for high speed splitting in their factory. The Re-saw is used in a production line to split dry spruce lumbers at feed speeds of 50 m/min. The material is up to 6 meters in length with a width of 96 mm.

It is important to note that in order to achieve accuracy when cutting at high speeds, certain conditions are necessary. Accurate results can be achieved only with materials that fulfill the required conditions and it is also necessary to use the correct type of saw blade. The combination of properly prepared material, the correct saw blade together with a heavy duty and accurate cast iron machine such as the RE-MAX 500 CNC will always produce a product which will exceed the customer’s demands. These facts cannot be disputed, regardless of what other machinery manufacturers promise, especially those manufacturers whose machines are made from fabricated, lightweight sheet metal.


Tilting Head

The RE-MAX 500 CNC Re-saw can be manufactured with an optional tilting head. The tilting head is used for cutting angles in the range of 0 - 15°.

One of our customers Siskiyou Forest Products purchased there first RE-MAX 500 CNC in 2006. Siskiyou purchased their RE-MAX with the optional tilting head feature. This allows them not only to re-saw products which are parallel, but also to re-saw parts at an angle. Siskiyou manufactures parts such as stiles and rails, paneling, laminated facial boards, beveled siding and decking. They can run parts up to 500 mm wide and can run their machine at speeds of up to 60 m/min on certain products. Siskiyou now has a second tilting RE-MAX 500 CNC, Re-saw in their production line, which in itself speaks to their satisfaction of this machine.

Siskiyou Forest Products - USA


Single Head

Métis CZ s.r.o. - Czech Republic - The Company Métis is part of a major Czech Corporation which produces construction balks/beams, special laminated beams, component door products, wood panels and door sandwich prism. Métis chose NEVA as their main machinery supplier to help in the processing of their components. Métis has optimized their manufacturing methods and made the process easier by incorporating NEVA technology in the area of thin cutting and or the production of lamellas and re-sawing of parts. Métis utilizes both frame saws and RE-MAX machines from NEVA to produce lamellas and to re-saw parts, some of the wood panels which are cut on the RE-MAX are up to 500 mm in width, this process under normal circumstances would have been difficult to achieve. Thanks to the incorporation of the RE-MAX re-saw this process has been made a lot easier using technology from NEVA. 


Multi Head Production Line

Companies who currently have high production requirements or companies who are anticipating production volume to increase in the future, may be interested in our multi head systems. The RE-MAX 500 CNC can be installed as a single head initially, and additional heads can be added to the production line at a future date. The multi head feature ensures easy access to each machine and simplicity in the setup of the whole line. Our multi head re-saw system is readily accessible and user friendly when it comes to setting up and changing saw blades as compared to other Multi Head re-saws.

Wiking Gulve - Denmark - This world renowned flooring manufacturer is currently using their multi head production line for cutting green and dry oak and ash products. Since 2008, Wiking Gulve has optimized their production line capacity to 5,000 m2 lamellas / shift. With automatic material handling, a 4 head RE-MAX system, and automatic palletizing of lamellas at the end of the line, they have maximized their production capacity. These figures can vary depending upon the feed speed and the width of material being processed. As well, because the input material is prepared at Wiking’s own saw mill, the company is able to control and calibrate the ingoing thickness of the material before it is cut, therefore reducing waste. On exit from the machine, the final product in this case, is 5 lamellas which are equal in thickness without any waste. Further information is available by down loading the following PDF attachment: Wiking-Letter.pdf


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