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System "Orbit" for increasing saw blades live about 50% 

The ORBIT Frame Saw utilizes a completely new up/down method of movement for cutting slats(lamellas) / veneer slats. During the downstroke of the saw frame, the cutting motion is perfectly lineal. At the bottom of the stroke, the saw frame swings out of the cut in the same direction as the wood is moving. Once the saw frame has retracted out of the cut, the frame travels back to the top, remaining out of contact with the wood during the entire upward motion. Because the ORBIT saw frame moves out of the cut during the upstroke, wood chips and sawdust fall clear from the saw blades. The result is less heat build up on the saw blade, longer saw blade life, dust free slats, and the ability to use a thinner kerf saw blade.

The "Plus" System is designed for fast and quick set-up and adjustment of the cutting height. Automatic raise and lower of the top feed rollers via electrical motor.


Feed roller movement is synchronized with the up/down movement of the saw frame.

Intermittent feeding system - APF the precise interdependence of materials feed and movement of sawframe. The wooden blocks are only advanced when the saw blades are actually cutting. As soon as the saw blades are moving upwards, the feed does not advance. The result is an extremely high life span of the saw blades, high accuracy of the cut and clean and even surface of the lamellas.


Air Blast system located directly behind the saw blades keeps the saw blades clean and prevents heat build-up. 

Air Blast System is determined for higher cutting-heights (above 100mm). Saw blades are cooled with compressed air expansion. Upper-cooling helps to blow out the sawn-dust and splinters out of kerfs. You can prolong the live span of saw blades up to 30% with using of this equipment.

Automatic Opening of the machine for safe and easy removal and installation of the saw frame.

At the push of the button the machine body opens, and the sawframe can be exchanged easily - this saves a lot of time - your production time - your money!

Adjustable Chip Breaker prevents splintering on the bottom side of the wood. 

Chip Breaker prevents making of split on the lower side of wooden blocks. The batten supports processed wood near of the saw blades. The using is especially suitable for production of thin-lamellas, or for cutting of wood with different structure of the spring and summer wood.

Modular Infeed can accommodate a center guide, side guide or channel system.

Solutions devised to suit will meet various requirements for our customers. We take maximum care for standard solutions and individual requests of the customers.

Channel System

Side Guide

Central Guide

Sturdy and durable Cast Iron Saw Frame Carriage and Solid cast iron machine construction minimizes vibration.

Perfect and rigid construction of the machine frame reduces machine´s vibrations to minimum. New reinforced cranked mechanism, newly developed main cast iron saw frame carriage, reinforced connecting rods, and series of other improvements guarantee reliable and fault-free operation for a number of years.


Reliable top and bottom feed roller system.

Driven top and bottom feed rollers comes standard on all NEVA Frame Saws. All Feed Rollers are encased in sealed gear boxes which are completely sealed against dust. This system is reliable and long lasting compared with other systems which have exposed sprockets and chains.


Top Infeed Planing Module.

Top Infeed Planing Module installed on the Thin Cutting Frame Saw infeed helps calibrate your input material in order to ensure proper feeding through the machine. You don't need to calibrate the material in height and process it directly after the multi-rip saw process.

Top and Bottom Outfeed Planing Module.

Top and Bottom Planing Module with planing knife dulling correction guarantees perfect result - slats can be used immediately for matching and sticking. Perfect working of edges with a precision of ± 0.05 mm !

Automatic Hopper Feeder.

Various mechanization combinations on the infeed and on the outfeed of the machine allow for cost reduction to a minimum. One operator is capable of operating more machines at a time.

Automatic Central Lubrication Unit. 

Long forged Crank Arms made from one piece - are main drive arms, are made out of one piece which is forged. Because of the one piece design our machines are much more reliable compared to other frame saws which use cheap welded tubular design which are prone to failure.


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