New type of Stellite Saw Blades - ST


A novelty on Ligna 2019 among thin-cutting tools besides the others, were the Thin Cutting Stellite Saw Blades of ST series. The feature of these Stellite Saw Blades is an "alternately set" tooth. The designation ST comes from the English term Set Tooth, i.e. alternately on the left and right side set tooth. In this patented saw blade design, the stellited tooth is alternately under-grinded.

Stellite Saw Blades of ST series

Features of ST series blades:

  • ST = Set Tooth for low friction, low heat build-up, low noise
  • Higher yield of tools up to 20% - more re-sharpening achieved compared to regular blades
  • Thin Saw Kerf from 1.05 mm
  • High quality Swedish steel and Stellite
  • Best performance on NEVA machines
  • Available as well for other vendor machines
  • Simple sharpening
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