Stellite Saw Blades

Saw Blades

Stellite Saw Blades

Stellite Saw Blades of various dimensions are used for thin cutting both kinds of wood – hard and soft. Blades are produced from first-rate Swedish steel, teeth are welded with stellite. The geometry of an edge is adjusted individually according to the use of a saw blade. Stellite saw blades can be sharpened 5 – 20 times, it depends on required kerf. Depending on the load of a blade we recommend to adjust the blade tension by rolling. Other details about the geometry, dimensions and use of stellite saw blades you can see on our web sites in chapter “More About Stellite Saw Blades”.



  • Thin Saw Kerf = economic cutting
  • High Quality in Good Price
  • Long Saw Blade Life
  • Simple Sharpening

Stellite welding

Stellite welding is made by the method of the electric resistance. A piece of stellite is taken by welding jaw and cut off from the stellite pole that is placed in the magazine of welding automatic machine (see left drawing). Welding of a cut stellite piece is made with preheated stellite that ensure stability and toughness of a weld (see right drawing). The whole process of stellite welding is automatic. The advantage of this technology is constant stellite quality.

Stellite truncate; Detail of stellite welding

Tooth forming

Tooth forming is made with cooling that prevents stellite overheating and body damage caused by overheating. It is necessary to prevent undesirable tension of a blade body.

Tooth forming

Sharpening and checking

The accuracy of a sharpened angle affects the accuracy of cutting. The angle accuracy is checked by control projector and all inaccuracy of production machines setting is found and, of course, correct.

Egalization - forming of free angles e ,e´; Profile projector

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