Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC Tilting Head

CNC Band Saws

Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX 500 CNC Tilting Head

Finally, a heavy-duty horizontal thin cutting band saw for all your re-sawing applications, including flooring, windows doors, furniture and musical instruments.

Unlike other re-saws, the thin cutting band saw RE-MAX 500 is built from solid cast iron, and incorporates a durable and effective guiding system and thin-kerf saw blades under high tension. The machine produces a smooth, glueable surface with superior tolerances.

The thin cutting band saw RE-MAX 500’s modular construction gives your company room to grow. A single, stand-alone unit can be purchased initially; additional units can then be added in line as production requirements demand. Click here to read the Remax article.


Put these advantages to work in your operation:

  • Heavy-duty, cast-iron construction-built for longevity and superior tolerances
  • Handles material up to 500 mm (19”) wide, 150 mm (6”) thick
  • CNC touch-screen control panel for easy height adjustment
  • Thin-kerf, high-tension blades to minimize your waste
  • Variable feed 6 to 60 m/min. (10 fpm to 200 fpm)
  • Adjustable cutting speed and feed speed as well
  • Adjustable cutting angle from 0° to 15°
  • Produces smooth, gluable surface
Thin Cutting Band Saw RE-MAX Tilting Head:
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