Wood Defect Repair System

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Wood Defect Repair System DRS 300

The use of reclaimed lumber and low grade lumber (with defects) has become increasingly popular in the wood industry. Customers are asking for wood products that cosmetically have a more natural or rustic look. Many end users believe that the use of this lumber is not only eco friendly, but they also prefer the natural appearance of this product. Ogden-Group has launched the new Wood Repair system (DRS 300) that is designed to fill and repair knots and cracks in wood flooring. A hot melt solution is pressed into the defects using high pressure. Within seconds, the solution conforms and seals perfectly to the shape of the defect being repaired. The final result is an esthetically pleasing and durable product that will withstand wear and abrasion. The machine can come with one injection head or multiple heads for different colors. It can be manually operated or fully automated with the use of a scanning system.

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